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xbox - USA by Oscar
Posted on 04 Dec 2017

Server: America

Hey, I am a high masters level 285 on my main account, but I’m looking to play with people on my smurf which is high silver/ low gold. The account was originally used to learn new heros, but now I want to help others and get to know a group of people who I can play with and climb with. My smurf’s name is available so you can add me if you would like to play. Being a part of this group would be pretty casual unless we decide to make it regular.


    Ive been trying to climb on my smurf also and was wondering if you were down to play today?

    by Cam0409

    I would love to play, if you could critique my positioning and play that would be awesome. I’m a flex player but I’ve been being a weeb recently and playing a lot of hanzo. I’ll add you and maybe we can play today.

    by FourMonster6810

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