ps4 Division: gold Language: Age: 14+ Using TS Team Website:

Yeti Clan

ps4 - USA by YkDavid
Posted on 09 Jan 2019

Server: America

What is Yeti?
We are looking for good people to add to our ranks. We currently have a three teams and are looking to put together a forth team soon.

What rank is Yeti looking for?
Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

Does Yeti practice?
Standard team practices are Wednesday and Sunday 8pm to 10pm EST.

When does everyone play?
Outside of practice we play pretty much every night.

What should I expect if I join?
When you're accepted you'll be placed On-Call until an existing team has an opening or a new team is formed. During this On-Call period you can fill in for teams with an absent player, and outside of practice meet some good people to group with.

Where can I apply?


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