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Tank, DPS, Coach

ps4 - Canada by DiscIamer
Posted on 22 Sep 2019

Server: America

We're looking to fill the last 3 spots in our 12 man roster. A top tier Tank player and 2 Mechanically gifted DPS players. We are also looking for 3rd coach to fill out our staff.

Little about us, we're a new team getting set up in a few different leagues. Our end goal for the team is to enter tournaments for money. This will be a serious team and needs to be treated as such.

What we offer:

League play, Practices, Scrims, Coaching staff, 1v1 vod reviews, and More!

What we looking for:

Tank - Aggressive, Decisive, Vocal, Ult tracking (Rein, Orisa, Sig, Zarya, Hog,

DPS - Mechanical skilled, Ult tracking (Projectile and Hit scan)

What you must have:

Speak English with a working mic

Available 3 times a week and active

Willing to be coached and put in the extra time if needed

Take this team seriously

We have a new discord server set up, not just for the team but anyone looking to socialize or game. Can't wait to see you all there. Try outs are on going until we find the right group. Join up, head over to #roles and #rules and react to some questions as well as agree to some basic rules. All that will unlock the rest of the discord, after that check out #announcements, that should answer any basic questions and how to try out.


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