ps4 Division: platinum Language: Age: 18+ Using Headset
PSN: M053095

PS4 Upcoming Tournament Team Asgardian Warriors E-Sports

ps4 - USA by LavaLeech_HD
Posted on 07 Oct 2019

Server: America

Looking for recruits for an up and coming console tournament team "Asgardian Warrior E-Sports". We have a discord and are looking for active NA players within the Plat to Diamond SR range. We are looking for an Off-Support player/ 2 Flex Dps for our back-up roster/bench and 1 main tank player and 1 Flex tank player. If you fit one of these roles, and really want to take competitive seriously and have a chance at playing in scrims and potential tournaments, please feel free contact our team captain through either Discord or PSN.

PSN: M053095

Discord: M053095 #2210


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