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[PS4] [NA/EU] [1000 - 4000 SR] TANK, DPS, SUPPORT!

ps4 - USA by KoKBLoKSQUAD#1558
Posted on 08 Dec 2017

Server: America


I am Mario from The KoKBLoKSquad. We're looking for anyone at all skill levels to match up with. Come join our discord and look for people to stack up with.

A list of some requirements:
-must have a mic to communicate and just talk and chill :)
-must be able to speak English for call outs
-must NOT be toxic (positive attitude)

If you wish to join, Discord Best of luck everyone and I look forward to meeting you all!


    Main dps mostly soldier I'm a good shot. Can play any other character if need just can't heal as good descent wit zarya and roadhog. Lmk

    by Mixbreed561

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