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2800+ Established Team Looking For New Blood!

ps4 - English (UK) by Lewis
Posted on 14 Apr 2019

Server: Europe

Hi there, thanks for reading! :)

Evolution is an established, friendly yet competitive team (mostly EU) seeking active players who can play most days. We want you to be joining in scrims / league matches some evenings, and we want you to be genuinely looking to improve your own gameplay.

DPS/Tank mains are particularly welcome!! We already have more than enough Support mains at the moment.

It's a BONUS if you are willing to upload vods of your gameplay and watch other people’s vods to give constructive feedback. It's also a BONUS if you have past team experience, so you know about effective call-outs and ultimate economy.

If you are interested or want to know more, please contact me on Discord: LewisAndJess#8787

Thanks for your time,
Lewis (Team Captain)


    Hello! I’m an offtank main. My psn is OhHeckoItsGecko I’m currently ranked 3100 after a long break my peak was 3800 (stopped playing for 4 months or so)

    by OhHeckoItsGecko

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