2 UK based PS4 Players (average SR1800-2000) looking for teammates

ps4 - English (UK) by Dreadiroth
Posted on 13 Feb 2018

Server: Europe

The both of us are getting frustrated with playing with individuals on PS4 competitive who don't want to play as a team. Subsequently our ranking is dropping as a result so we're looking for guys who like to team up and play together. We are typically around the Gold/SR2000 mark but we like to have a laugh and play fairly casually. We are both UK based and play for a couple of hours every couple of days when time allows.

I play Junkrat/Solider/Roadhog/Reinhardt/Symmetra depending on the objective and phase of play
My teammate plays mainly Moira and sometimes Solider/Orissa
We have a third player who mainly plays Lucio but plays quite infrequently.

Communication is key so we're looking for guys who are similar SR, English speaking, similar ages and like to team up with headsets. We'd typically try and organise times that suit everyone via Whatsapp.

Cheers all!


    Hey! I'm in if you'll have me! Laserlad93 PSN

    by Laserlad93

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