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ZeroLife Esports

pc - USA by Firm_WhiteBread
Posted on 15 Jan 2019

Server: America

ZeroLife Esports has been up for a total of two weeks now and we are doing amazing! We have created three productive teams that are averaged around 3000+ SR, held bi-daily scrims, setup scrims with outside teams, and now we are in our final rounds of team recruitment!

What are we looking for? To fill our final and last team of players. We want people who are not just looking for a quick gaming fix, but people who want a gaming home. A community that will support your addictive Overwatch nature and help focus it so that you become the kind of player you want, great.


2600+ SR

North American Region

A non-toxic, friendly attitude, with the willingness to listen and learn.


When do we play?

While on our off-days, we play most of the day, our practices/scrims occur at night. The last team is going to follow the same times played as the initial teams, 11pm EST every other day.

Teams and Subs

Additionally we are looking for outside teams to join our family, as well as players who want to just be subs for the available teams.

When applying if you wish to be a sub, tell us. Subs in our community play for every team, on two roles of the same nature. If you are a tank player, you can sub for both off and main tank, so on. Subbing for four of the teams lets you have more opportunity to play if you are not on a consistent schedule. After which on our off-days you can play on a first come first serve basis.

We are also recruiting outside teams to fill two team slots that we are not in control of. These two teams will have complete control of their teams and can use any resources we provide to help themselves grow. If you are interested in this, have the captain of your team stop by our server and DM the owner.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our community, our family, stop by our discord today! Give us a shout and make yourself clear, and we will help you get started.



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