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pc - USA by CaptianHowdy#11154
Posted on 24 Jul 2018

Server: America

We are an Overwatch Team looking for new players to join our competitve team. We are currently looking to fill the following roles.


Main Tank
Off Tank

We are looking for people the plays these specific roles and are consistantly good with them. We arent looking for flex players but main players and your stats need to show it. Below are a couple requirements that need to be met before we consider you for a tryout.


SR: 3000+
Age: 18+
Must have Mic
Must have discord
Must be availible Sun-Sat 7-9 CST ( we understand if you cant make it some days but need you to be here most)

Please fill out our application and a Captain will review it and schedule a tryout.

Application Link:!AAWloQ4N8j

For any questions or comments please join our discord server:

Find One of the Captains and let them know the app was filled out.


Contact CaptianHowdy#11154 now

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