pc Division: platinum Age: 16+ Using TS Team Website:
BATTLETAG: Cayne#11808
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The Art of Warfare (Community) - Any SR

pc - by Cayne#11808
Posted on 12 Jun 2018

Server: Europe

Hey everyone, I’m Cayne from “The Art of Warfare” gaming community.

Playing Overwatch alone can be tough. That’s why we believe that playing together in a community, is the best way to play. We have members of all ranges of SR, from silver to masters. We have training specialists ready to help teams and players improve. We host fun events along with our in-house league competition.

We Offer:
-An in-house league competition.
-Scrim matches against other communities.
-Arcade nights with custom made game modes.
-Structured teams with training support.
-Toxic free environment.

We have 100+ members in our Overwatch division. We have dedicated team captains and staff to give you the optimal overwatch experience. Join “The Art of Warfare” and enjoy Overwatch the way it was meant to be played!

Apply now at www.taw.net or for more info Cayne#11808


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