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TeamDuality needs dps players

pc - by jacobzmann#2605
Posted on 14 Dec 2017

Server: Europe

Hey! I am a diamond flex player and would be looking for any players and their different, unique, specialties.

We currently are seeking 2 dps players.

If you feel like joining it would be appreciated, you can join the team discord here:

My, personally have worked in other teams before and have competed in multiple scrim matches and tournaments, which is really fun. I have been the stat caller in most of these games. This involved me: Keeping track of our ults, enemy ults, enemy compositions (for counters e.t.v), targets and where to go and what to do as a team in general. So i know a thing or two about team play.


    Hello! Very interested please respond!!

    by KINGv

    Please join the discord

    by jacobzmann#2605

    Contact jacobzmann#2605 now

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