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Team Synthesis Recruitment

pc - USA by SilverCross#11317
Posted on 07 Dec 2018

Server: America

About us: Team Synthesis is an amateur organization hoping to grow to be among the big leagues. We're currently looking for dedicated players willing to help us build a team here.

Here in Team Synthesis we look for professionalism, the ability to help other around you, and the ability to play at a high level.

Player Requirements:
2100 to 2600
All positions open

Practice times: TBD

Extra information: if you plan to dm us please provide the following information

-Peak Rank
-Who you play
-What you're looking for from us as an organization
-Why you're interested in joining us
-Why you're interested in competitive
-If you've had past experience on a team; please elaborate if you're had
-Any leagues you're interested in
-What you'd bring to Team Synthesis that sets you apart from others