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Team Sedge Looking For Members

pc - Europe by Nicks
Posted on 07 Jun 2019

Server: Europe

Sedge is a small team with members that play Overwatch, Fortnite and League Of Legends. Personally as the captain of the overwatch team I am looking for members.

1) Level 30+
2) In order to apply the applicants need to be 15+ years old
3) After an applicant gets accepted I am going to be playing a few games with him as a short test
4) No competitive rank required
5) The applicants need to be able to play well with 2+ Heroes and it does not matter which heroes these are
6) After a player gets accepted he need to be active

Contact me:
1) Tag me (Nicks) in the applications chat in this discord server:
2) Reply to this post


    Hello, I would like to formally request for a place on your team. I am a high bronze player who has peaked at low to mid silver before. I play mei, junkrat, pharaoh, reaper, rein, dva. Hope you will read this and take me into consideration. Thank you

    by zeno#21480

    Hoi add my dc 1Trick_my_names_jeff#6585

    by BoomBoom#22844

    As dps

    by BoomBoom#22844

    Widow main and play all dps and tanks

    by BoomBoom#22844

    Can heal dont prefer it tho

    by BoomBoom#22844