pc Division: master Using Discord

Team Grey EU 3-3.8K

pc - by PandaWreck
Posted on 10 Jan 2019

Server: Europe

is recruiting!

The roles that we're looking for:

What we expect from you:
- Experience from scrims is not mandatory, but is still regarded as an advantage. We are experienced and are looking forward to playing with experienced players.
- Rank to be in the range of 3k-3,8.
- Time to play Mon - Wed - Fri - Sat 19.00-22.30CET (30mins of vods in the end of scrim blocks)
- Good vocal skills and fluent in English
- Last but not least: the attitude

What do we offer for you:
- A stable and mature environment to play in
- Fun teammates that are serious but relaxed, losing is a part of climbing so we look at the losses as a way to improve
- Memes

Interested? We're having 2week open trial-period soon, if you want to try your luck and show us your skills, give me a message and join the crew!
Discord : Myo#0269