Team Final Destination Looking For Up And Coming Players!

pc - by SilentShadow#1487
Posted on 13 Feb 2018

Server: America

[NA-PC] Hey! We are a newly formed team (so this will be the starting roster). I want players who are looking at the bigger picture, which is becoming a tier 1 team. I will be listing more requirements later in this post, but there will be 1 that is most important, which is I do not want PUB stompers (i.e players who do well in low cordination enviorment). I need people who can seperate comp from scrims.

Out of the 6 players there are already 2, which are Main Tank, and Hitscan DPS. There are other very likely canidates to fill other roles, but I dont want to count other players out just yet.

•Off Tank (Roadhod, D.VA, Zarya, and possibly Orisa)
•Main Support (Ana, Mercy, Moira)
•Off Healer (Zen, Moira, Lucio)
•Flex Hitscan/Projectile DPS (Genji, Pharah, Sombra, Soldier, Tracer, etc.)

What am I looking for:
•Dedicated players, who is willing to put in the time, which means practicing scrims 15-20 hrs (specific times will be given later on, but excpect evening PST scrim blocks).
•Good attitude is very important in this team! There will be no tolerance for toxic behavior.
•A rank of at least 4000, 4100-4300+ preferred.
•I am also looking for players with time on there hands, so please keep that in mind.

If you are interested feel free to hit me up any time; hope to hear from you soon!


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