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Team Crypt [NA][EST][PC]

pc - USA by anticrypt#1906
Posted on 13 Jun 2018

Server: America

New Plat-Diamond Team looking for new members! DM me on Discord (anticrypt#0001) if you're interested in joining!

- Must have an open schedule to be able to have frequent practices and scrimmages
- Must be 16+ years old
- Must be willing to take constructive criticism, any whining or bashing will not be tolerated
- Must be able to communicate well with the team (mic)
- Must have an SR of 2.5K+ (3K+ is preferred)
- Toxicity will not be tolerated
- Previous esports team experience not required

Looking for the following roles for the team:

- Projectile DPS: 2
- Main Tank: 2
- Off-Tank: 2
- Healers: 3
- Flex: 3
- Manager


    Im looking to join as projectile DPS, I added you on discord.

    by Nano#12388

    Contact anticrypt#1906 now

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