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BATTLETAG: Destiny#12184
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Team Chrome looking for 2 more members

pc - Taiwan by dattajunior@gmail.com
Posted on 15 Jul 2016

Server: Asia

Dear readers,

We are a dedicated, serious Asia-based team of currently 4 members looking to eventually get into the competitive scene. We practise together everyday, in order to get used to our play styles, and adopt roles as well as get comfortable with them. Due to timezone and ping reasons, we would prefer you come from any region in Asia, and we require you to speak English as well as be comfortable with us on Discord for quite some time. We do not require you to be exceptionally good, nor do you have to be playing any specific classes. As long as you are looking for a friendly team, are serious about it, and care about your competitive rank, you are welcome into the group. We are all located within timezones GMT +7 and GMT +8. We are a friendly bunch, so don't miss this opportunity. Before you comment down there, please make sure you will have the time to practise with us regularly. Ignore us as you may, and we will ignore you too. Now, after reading all that, and you're still interested, feel free to comment down below. If you prefer, and i do prefer, add me on Battle net. My battle tag is Destiny#12184

Welcome to Chrome.


    You are 2k rated my friend. That is far from "competitive" or "skillful", I think you should change your recruitment strategy towards more casual players.

    by nagisasama#4525

    Contact dattajunior@gmail.com now

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