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pc Division: master Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Judge#11728
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: genjiis playing: D.vais playing: Meiis playing: Roadhogis playing: Junkratis playing: Luciois playing: Soldier:76is playing: Zaryais playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmakeris playing: winstonis playing: pharahis playing: reinhardtis playing: symmetrais playing: torbjornis playing: bastionis playing: hanzois playing: mercyis playing: zenyattais playing: Anais playing: Sombra

Take6 OW recruitment

pc - USA by Itscougar
Posted on 07 Jan 2019

Server: America

[NA] [PC] [3.5k+] - Take6 is a newly founded overwatch team looking for the following coach and player roles:

Flex Dps (Genji, Hanzo, Pharah, Junkrat, and Brig)
Flex Healer (Zenyatta, Ana, and Moira)
Main Healer (Lucio, Mercy, and Brig)
Head Coach 3.9k+ insightful and willing to put in the time
VOD Recorder: Able to record at 1080p 60fps on scrim days
TBD depending on player scedules
Sat/Sun Open Division Games 12-2 PST
We are aiming for 2 scrim blocks a week plus occasional vod review.
DM me on discord at T4NGO#8419 or fill out the following application
If you are interested in trying out for next season!

Our discord is join and ask Evan or T4NGO for more info


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