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Retrograde Gaming

pc - by Sporky#11431
Posted on 21 May 2017

Server: America

Hello, everyone!

Looking for a regular set of users to team up with? If so, we’d like to invite you to Retrograde Gaming, a gaming community established for casual, professional, unseasoned, and experienced players alike. We are a Discord-partnered server with 3,000 members and counting, and we’d love to see you join our devoted Overwatch players for a couple of games in either quick play or the upcoming seasons of competitive. In addition to having a constant group of people to play with, Retrograde members receive a couple of perks:

• Don’t fret your ability: Retrograde’s community focuses on uniting a wide breadth of gamers, meaning that players with various skill can participate without being concerned about elitism. Furthermore, our more advanced members can offer feedback should you be interested in improving. Divergently, exceptional players can find other members with similar levels of savvy. Regardless of how competent you are in-game, you’ll have a safe place to have fun!

• Cultivation of talent: As much fun as Overwatch is, we imagine that you have interests beyond the game. Whether your passions lie in playing games, writing about them, or streaming them, we want to see you improve them. Retrograde currently sponsors three streamers, and as our community grows, we want to see that number grow. If you feel inclined to share your Overwatch experiences from the PTR or from the latest competitive season, come speak to us about possible opportunities. If your aspirations largely lie in improving your Overwatch abilities, come scrimmage with our official team to develop as a player.

• Giveaways and Sweepstakes: Retrograde hosts giveaways across our Discord and social media accounts. Our members have the chance to win steam keys, Overwatch loot boxes, and more after entering, so join soon!

If any of the above interests you, please hop into our Discord server by following the link below for a warm welcome and an introduction to the community. Should you like what you see, throw us a like on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. We’re excited to see you here!



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