Prime Legion (Overwatch team)

pc - by BlackHammer#22968
Posted on 09 Dec 2018

Server: Europe

Prime Legion,is a safe haven for like minded gamers. We work towards having a good, non-toxic environment where people can play to be the best or play to have fun. We are currently looking to start a competitive Overwatch team to represent us and in search of players that are interested.

Our only requirements are:
be 13+
own a working mic
be able to communicate in english
use discord
Overwatch team

Looking for:
~Main heal
~Off heal
~Off tank
~dps (Hitscan)
~dps (flex)
~Coach (preferably diamond and above)

Team requirements:
~2.3k+ sr
~open mind and friendly
~good game sense
~non toxic
~able to scrim multiple times a week (at least 2 or 3)

For more info message on discord
PLC | Cpt. Sayonara#9291