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PlayOW Discord community! Grouping up, coaching, events and lot more! ~ 700 members

pc - by Dzonika#21536
Posted on 05 Jun 2019

Server: Europe

Hello there! We are Overwatch fan-made discord community with over 600 members of all ranks, servers, nationalities and gender. We are found long ago, when the game came out and so far, we were hosting lot of events, group playing, intresting and funny ow stories and many more.We are looking for friendly, nice and chill, non-toxic people to expand our ranks!

Our activities:

♥ Hosting funny weekly events.

♥ Offering versatile community of players for casual and competitive grouping up.

♥ 1-rank-up coaching system: Personal coaching system where everyone gets own channel + coaches to help them up!

♥ Regular Coaching: Coaching with VODs, QP spectaitng, custom games with coaches. Our coaches are experienced high rank players offering fast and quality service, most importantly for free.

You are more than welcome to join us!Discord link:

Also, visit our website: