pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 18+ Using TS

Pittsburgh Steel Vanguard

pc - USA by KingGeeZee#1559
Posted on 02 Jun 2018

Server: America

We are three months in as a community and looking for some fresh blood to round off some of our teams. If you are looking for a place where everyone takes Overwatch as seriously as you do, this is that place. We are more then just a community of gamers, we aim to be a family.


We have three teams. Each team has a captain who creates smaller team setups and hosts in-house scrims every other night. While not everyone will make it to the big leagues, we still promote that experience for everyone who wants it.


If this sounds like something you would be interested in, stop by. We do have some requirements for joining, but nothing much. Just make sure you have a working headset, live in the North American region, and be able to conduct yourself in a proper manor. When joining you will be asked a couple questions, and then we will add you up.




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