pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 18+ Using TS

Pittsburgh Prime

pc - USA by KingGeeZee#1559
Posted on 21 Apr 2018

Server: America

A Growing Family Of Gamers

Pittsburgh Prime Esports is now opening it's doors for dedicated players and content creators. We are interested in players, both male and female, who treat Overwatch as more then just another game. We are seeking human beings, people who treat those around them with good will and respect.

Content Creators

We will be looking for more then just players as well! We are looking for content creators as well. People who wany to use their experience in helping grow their brand.

Competitive Teams

Are you dedicated to the competitive life? We are currently building three teams that all have the goal of being the best of the best. You can even join and request help building your own team if that sounds more like your thing.

Joining the Family

So how do you join? Stop by our discord and follow the prompts given by our bot! If you have any questions, join our recruit channel and we will be able to fill you in on anything you want to know.



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