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BATTLETAG: CptJack#21405

[PC][EU][4000+] Team Twice Recruiting Flex Support

pc - English (UK) by Capt Jack#2342
Posted on 13 Aug 2019

Server: Europe

Hey, I'm the coach of Team Twice. We're a dedicated group of players who've been playing together for around a year with the goal of improving and delving deeper into the strategic aspects of Overwatch. We aim to provide a stable drama free environment where like-minded players can grow and fulfil their potential with our support.

We're currently looking to round out our roster with the addition of a new Flex Support before the next Open Division. Ideal candidate is 16+, highly motivated and coachable/receptive to feedback.

We can offer you
* Weekly scrims (3-4)
* Dedicated VOD Review/Discussion days
* Opportunities to compete with the team in tournaments including OD
* Personal/team coaching

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions and if this aroused your interest then please complete the following application


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