[PC][EU] Looking for 2 Team Players

pc - English (UK) by Deathstrike#1671
Posted on 14 Aug 2017

Server: Europe

Discord account: Deatstrike1671#2020


We are : Team of 3 players that have been playing since the release of Overwatch and are looking for dedicated players to add to our core group for competitive play.

Main goal : Getting all of our team members to a Diamond ranking before the end of this season so we can push through to Master this season.

Team SR rating : 2900-3100

Our current team :

My Main Role – Reaper 250 hours - Ana 150 hours -
, - Flexible roles are / Mercy

Main Role – Mercy, 200+ hours
Lucio, Ana - Flexible roles are / Zenyatta / Junk Rat

Main Role - DVA , 200 + hours
Zarya , Hog ,specialist – Flexible roles are / Pharah / Genji /

Voice-communication : Discord https://discord.gg/r39q4W

Gaming hours : Currently we are flexible with our gaming hours .

Monday till Friday: 19:30 -21:00.

Saturday and Sunday : During the weekdays we discuss how much time we can spend in the weekends for continuous competitive play. Keeping in mind that its weekend and we have to spend time with our families and loved ones as well.

We are using the weekend to discuss progress and focus on competitive play matches as much as our schedules allow them to.

We are looking for :

1 - Main Role Support - Ana , Lucio ,, Zenyatta

Someone Who knows support and wants to improve gameplay with our Main Mercy healer.

Our Ana , Reaper is an experienced gamer who is able to coach during practise and experiment with the currently meta builds.

2 - Main Role Attacker specialist -

We are also keeping an open flexible spot for players that are exceptionally wel versed with ALL characters. And are able to play multiple roles Well.

We are looking for a flexible player that can adjust his / her team composition and tactics in different roles. We are keeping an open mind on filling in this position and are looking for a player that knows his / her flanks and opportunities of attack and defense.

The Basic Mind Set for Competitive :

- Not being microphone shy and being able to communicate and adjust positioning during matches.

- Give and receive feedback after a match finishes in a professional mature manner.

- Dedication to improve as a competitive Overwatch player.

- Consistent teamplay practice on the days and times we agree on.
Being friendly but professional during competitive matches , and taking into consideration that we are all spending our time trying to improve our gameplay while having fun.

Feel free to add me in game and contact me on Deathstrike#1671 for more information.


    Hi! I main Roadhog, but I play D.va too. I can flex between supports and also I'm a good reaper player.
    Season Best : 2821SR
    Add me if you want to discuss.


    by Freyness#2289

    Hello i am looking for a good and friendly team where i can develop my own skills and have some fun playing with

    i currently main ana and zarya but i can play all heroes if you need me to
    my ranking is 2600 sr so im not that good but i hope you can look past my flaws :P

    Greetings MadeBycraftsmen

    by MadeBycrafts#2417

    Hi! Im a main symmetra but i can play Dva Roadhog soldier but im not good dealing with pharahs so soldier isnt my best choice. I can play zary. Genji but i dont play him that much anymore but if t hey have 2 or less tanks ill might give him a try. Hereos i cant play is rein and sombra. that the heroes im worst at. Im 13 years old and im from Norway. I talk in the mic and im not toxic in chat or anything like that.

    Battle.net Nikolai#2295
    Email: nikolaieltervg@yahoo.no

    by Nikolai #2295

    battle net

    by Shadows

    If you're still looking for a support main willing to learn, play and improve. I am a mercy main with around 2700 currently in comp season 4 - Feel free to add me!

    by Ranger#21462

    Contact Deathstrike#1671 now

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