pc Division: master Language: Age: 20+ Using Headset
BATTLETAG: blu#12112

[PC] [NA] [3500+ SR] Making Plays LF Main Tank

pc - USA by Blu#12112
Posted on 03 Nov 2018

Server: America

We are Team Making Plays. We compete in the UGC League, OW Open Division, and the OTC League. We have an overall Tournament & League Record of 56-26, with several first place finishes. We also play a lot on competitive mode and our current team average is 3.5k SR.

We are looking for players that want to compete at a high level. Our team is unique, as we may not always follow the typical meta, we come up with our own strats and build around our team's strengths. We're looking players that can fit into what we do and help our team continue to grow.

Open Positions:

Main Tank - Someone that is strong on Reinhardt, Winston, and Orisa.


-Must be 21 years or older.
-Current SR 3500+ (Exceptions can be made for individuals with Tournament/Scrim experience, however no one under a current SR of 3200 will be considered.)
-Must have Mic
-Must be active at least 5 days a week and able to attend League Matches and Scrims.

Also, we are a mature team. Our personalities are more on the laid back side. We don't tolerate any trolling, tantrums, raging, use of racial slurs etc. We are older guys 25+, so we don't have patience for any of this.

If interested and if you meet all the requirements above. Please fill out the application below. Once application is filled out I'll contact you via Bnet.