pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 20+ Using Headset
BATTLETAG: blu#12112

[PC] [NA] [2500 SR] Making Plays filling open Positions

pc - USA by Blu#12112
Posted on 17 Feb 2018

Server: America

We are Team Making Plays. We've been away for a few seasons and looking to get back into Overwatch. We competed in Season 2 of the UGC and finished runner-up (https://www.ugcleague.com/team_page_ow.cfm?clan_id=23448). We're looking to rebuild and get a team going for future seasons in UGC as well as other leagues. We are looking to fill 1 more spot.

We are a bit of a unique team, we like to try out different strategies and different combinations. We may not always be in the typical meta. With that said, we do play to win, we're not going to do anything that's not working for us. We're looking for like minded individuals.

Open Position:

DPS Flex - Looking for a DPS main that can also flex to multiple defensive DPS characters such as Mei, Torb, and Junkrat.

-Age 21+
-Good Attitude
-Willingness to adapt and adjust to our team's playing style.
-Able to play role effectively and adapt to different situations.
-Highest achieved SR at least 2500
-Must have Mic
-Must be active at least 4-5 days a week for practice/scrims etc.

Also, we are a mature team. Our personalities are more on the laid back side. We don't tolerate any trolling, tantrums, raging, use of racial slurs etc. We are older guys 25+, so we don't have patience for any of this.

If interested please fill out the application below. Please don't apply if you do not meet the requirements.



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