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[PC] [EU] [4.2k+] Team Fenrir is looking for a new hitscan player. Top OD project

pc - Europe by Taint
Posted on 13 May 2019

Server: Europe

The currently orgless Team Fenrir is looking for a new hitscan player, vod recorder and manager in their 4k2+ average lineup.

Goals: Top OD/Contenders Trials

Player requirements are as follows :
Age : 16+
Minimum SR : 4.1K+ atleast 3 seasons consistently (not only 1 time peak)
Open to take and give critiscism
On time for practice
Available (mostly evenings from 19.00 CET)
Ambitious to train hard to reach and compete in more and more challenging scrims, leagues and tournaments

We consist of Players from Sweden, Germany and Britain
We try to do a minimum of 4-5 Scrims a week as well as vod reviews with a coach
We competed in 2 OD's before with mixed results, last being 7-4, aiming to go with a max of 2 losses next season. We are working on finding an org and manager atm so scrim searching etc will be dealt with.

If you are interested or have any question please send a dm to taint#2831 (bnet) or Just Taint#3749 (discord)


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