pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord

Overconfident Esports

pc - USA by Ghost
Posted on 10 Jan 2019

Server: America

Overconfident Esports is looking to rebuild its roster for next season of Open Division with ladder stars and players that are hungry to prove they have what it takes to make it out of Tier 3 and into Tier 2 and beyond.

The org will be offering player contracts that guarantee them a cut of all winnings from tournaments or weeklies that they compete in. Players will be paid first, and the org will not pocket any money from players or staff. We are currently looking into sponsorships with various brands and will look to make sure our players will be compensated for their work if the team becomes proven.

What we are looking for:

All Roles

VoD Recorder

-4400k+ Peak, with a SR average of around 4300
-Comfortable working with staff and other players
-PMA is a plus

What we provide:

-An experienced tier 3 coaching staff
-Contracts and future sponsorships
-A platform to show off your abilities
-Graphics Designer and Stream Overlay
-An org that cares about its players and has a passion to push to Contenders.

PM OVC | ShisonSS#1714 or Göst#4050 on discord if interested