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pc Division: gold Language: Age: 14+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Gn0me#11134
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Our team, Ri0t, is recruiting!

pc - USA by Gn0me#11134
Posted on 13 Feb 2018

Server: America

Our team Ri0t, is a new team, looking to recruit and build a stable team. We are based in low gold, high silver, and look to move up to mid diamond together in the coming seasons. So far, we have 3 registered starters and are looking for more. Our team captain is Gn0me#11134. If you are interested in trying out for our team, here are the regulations:

1. You must be 13 or older. No acceptions.
2. You must be mid to high silver, and low to mid gold to apply.
3. No toxicity is tolerated. You will be immediately removed from the team and reported for bad teamwork.
4. Respect all staff and players alike.
5. We currently need tank players, healers, and off tanks. (DPS as of 2/13/18 is not needed)
6. Fill out the application on our discord (Yes, this is mandatory you join):

Contact me to apply, or join the discord to get setup from there.


Contact Gn0me#11134 now

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