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Oracle Gaming Syndicate

pc - USA by Hellraiser#12352
Posted on 15 Dec 2018

Server: America

Oracle Gaming Syndicate is an adult gaming community looking for more players to come join our ranks! We are currently looking for more 18+ players that will ACTIVELY play in Discord. We play many other games as well (Rainbow Six Siege, COD: BO4, Fortnite, etc). Come visit our website ( or come say hi on our discord (!


    might be into it

    by Trokaneon

    i can play lucio/mercy/ana in your 2nd team

    by Timboland#1793

    I can play whatever for second team

    by Omicron#12750

    Great atmosphere, I have enjoyed being here with OGS. I also would like to welcome the new members who have joined us via this site.

    by SLIM

    Contact Hellraiser#12352 now

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