pc Division: platinum Age: 18+ Using Discord is playing: D.vais playing: Junkratis playing: Luciois playing: Zaryais playing: pharahis playing: hanzois playing: zenyatta

Oh Gosh! Team LFM Gold - Plat

pc - by Frootz#11411
Posted on 13 Jul 2019

Server: America

We are a team that likes to play and have fun while improving our skills and coordination. We have previously been participants of a few tournaments, but our roster got a little slim so we are looking for more members before we re-enter the tourney scene. Our practices are usually anywhere around 6pm-12pm EST as our players are available, the schedule is built around how many can make any given day. We also scrim a few times a week if possible!

Currently, we are looking for an Off-Tank (must play D.va and Zarya at the least,) an Off-Support (Lucio and Zen,) and a Projectile DPS (Hanzo, Junk, Pharah, etc.)


    I’m interested in the flex support role dm on discord at Kasta.ow#3036

    by Jinxx

    Contact Frootz#11411 now

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