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New Team looking for two tanks

pc - USA by Discord Vox#8101
Posted on 12 Jan 2018

Server: America

We are a new team and we would like to take it seriously.
We do not care about skill level, in fact we would prefer you to be lower skill so we can teach you to play with us instead of correcting bad habits.

We are looking for:
- One tank who can or would like to Rein, Orisa, Winston
- One tank who can or would like to D.va, Zarya, Roadhog


- Must have working mic.
- Must be able to record game play and youtube upload capability.
- Level headed. No tilting. Rage quitting mid match be it QP or Comp is instant removal.
- Prioritize grouping with team outside of practice/comp times. If you are in a full group and team member is on, you will make room or make new group.
- Be polite to your team, we are looking for mature behavior.
- 21+ (or 21 within the next three months)
- Will eventually want phone number contact.

Must be able to attend most practices 3 times a week Monday, Tuesday, Thursday.
One long practice on Saturday.
Will eventually need two accounts, one main and one for practice/test.

Old / young, male / female all welcome.
We want a variety of team members for best decision making potential.
Drama or looking to e-date will mean instant removal.
We want players who can take it as seriously as we do.

Preferred gold range, but will take a bronze/silver if they are willing to put more time than scheduled training, plat, low diamond under consideration. No master, no gm, no top 500. Must have at least one star.

If no rating or never comp, must be level 300 or above.
Practice times in EST, will take other time zones, Looking until 12/21.
Must USA

Discord Vox#8101 for more information.


    Just added on discord so I can dm you

    by GusBusYee#1783

    Hello, I am a former high gold that got plagued one season with a bunch or rage quitters during solos, after falling to bronze I was disinterested in competitive for awhile. I have recently gotten back into it and I am trying to find a team to climb up the ladder with. I'm a total tank main. My best 3 tanks are Reinhardt, Roadhog and Zarya. I am adaptable and willing to work to get a high SR. I need a team to return to get high SR I was diamond on the Xbox. Hopefully you will consider adding me to the team.

    by MakoRutledge#1706

    hi my name is alexstarr I would be a good tank but I need some healers to support me. Zarya, Orisa, and d. va are good tanks for me and would like to join your team. I am available tues. thru fridays but not friday nights. contact me if you have any questions on discord.

    by Alexstarr#1271

    i added friend request on discord

    by Alexstarr#1271

    Contact Discord Vox#8101 now

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