pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 16+ Using TS Team Website:
BATTLETAG: Crackumun#1854

[NA]/[EU] Ethereal Gaming(EG) Is Recruiting!!

pc - USA by Crackumun#1854
Posted on 13 Dec 2016

Server: America

We are a large, international gaming community with over 6910 members spanning over seven games and Actively growing. Overwatch is one of our biggest sections and we always have people online. Mainly NA and EU, but no matter where you're from, We would like to welcome you!

We're also always willing to pick up a full team. If you have a full team, and need a community to manage you, we are very supportive of it! We will give you your own team channel on teamspeak just for you to practice in, and you will also have your own section of our forums to keep everything organized.

If you're from the NA, Add: Crackumun#1854
If you're from the EU, Add: Jackster#21382

Requirements to join:
-16+ years old
-Working Microphone
-Support positive and healthy gaming enviornments

Check out our website at Ethereal-Gaming.com

If you're interested, Drop an application and we will have you playing in no time! Hope to see you guys there!


    Hi , I would like to join! I am a Roadhog player , with a 53% Hook accuracy overall. I am currently a Platinum (7-1-2) and wanting to take overwatch more competitive! Ethereal-Gaming.com

    by Bacon#12157

    Hi, I am a fill player doing best in support and damage roles. I am currently borderline diamond (2880 current, 2990 season high). I've been taking the game very seriously this past season and would love to join your community.

    by Tegafoet#1219

    Hey Bacon! I sent you a f/r on battle net! Talk to you soon!

    by Crackumun#1854

    Hey Tega, I also added you. Talk to you there! :D

    by Crackumun#1854

    Hi, I play almost anything. S2 @ ~2800, looking for a consistent team.

    by cleverous#1604

    Contact Crackumun#1854 now

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