pc Division: gold Language: Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Zylaax#1877
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: Soldier:76

NA PC Team - Main Support + Main Tank

pc - USA by Zylaax#1877
Posted on 16 May 2018

Server: America

Name's Zylaax, I've got a team of 4 put together for ranked at a range of 1800-2200 SR. I am a DPS player, playing mostly Reaper and Soldier: 76. The other members we have are an off-support, a second DPS, and an off-Tank/Support flex. We're putting together a six-stack to play in Overwatch competitive, and need a main support and main tank to round out the team. If you are interested, I also ask that you have a discord account, as there is a discord channel for our team to use. Thanks for considering!


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