pc Division: bronze Using TS

Mystic Dragons looking for people

pc - by Quran
Posted on 09 Sep 2019

Server: America

[NA][PC] [Gold/Plat]

Mystic Alliance is looking to bring in 3 players into our Overwatch team! Currently we will need 1Tank, 1Support and 1DPS. These specific roles can be in more detail once with the team.

Must be willing to take criticism wherever it may come from
Have an open mind during all practices to new setups, different team comps, etc…
Zero toxicity, must be able to keep yourself under control in tough situations

***Specific ranks are not a major player, as long as you are willing to learn with our other members on our team***


    Hello! I am interested im filling either your dps or support role. My bt is DeadSauce#11195 if you would like to contact me

    by DeadSauce