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pc Division: platinum Age: 16+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Cede#21741

Looking to form Mid Plat scrim team Eclipse.

pc - by Conor Halford
Posted on 09 Jan 2019

Server: Europe

Hi, Me and my buddy are looking to form a Scrim team, we are looking for all roles within a mid - high plat level. We would like enthusiastic, can do attitude and Zero toxicity. Thanks alot we look forward to applicants!


    Hey, would like to join im simply a dps main. I just wonder how many ppl you are rn.

    by lukas123123

    We have two Plat, and two golds to fill, we're looking for a full plat roster to build atm, add my battlenet or join the linked discord :)

    by Conor Halford