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Looking for teammates to climb the ladders

pc - USA by sQuid
Posted on 12 Oct 2017

Server: America

We as a team have good ranks, a few members in diamond, a majority in platinum, and only 2 below gold. We also have a good spread of roles, including, but not limited to DPS, TANK, and SUPPORT. Our current members cover these roles, so we don't really mind what you main. All we care about is having reliable people to fall upon when someone has to step out. Males and females are both welcome, but we would accept females more often then males, as our discord has become nothing but a sausage party. If you're interested, we will give you our discord, and give a small "interview" as well as a test game to see how well you play.


    Hi my discord is blank#3225 I’m interest in this

    by Adam

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