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Looking for support main (2.8k+)

pc - Austria by Tijmennofzo#1944
Posted on 19 Nov 2017

Server: Europe

We are Recit.Raven, second team from Recit and we are looking for a second support that can play a good lucio, but also some other supports to be flexible.

First some things about ourself. We train 2-3 times a week. One is for scrimming, one is for tournament and the last one is for competitve play. Most of our players are either from Austria or Germany, but we talk English in comm's.

Now about you, the team needs to function so we need to get along on a personal level. The rest of the requirements are listed under here:
- SR 3k+
- Support main that mainly plays Lucio
- Use of teamspeak
- Motivated to get better

If you are interested add me on Battle.net: Tijmennofzo#1944
We arrange a tryout in one of our trainings, where we will review your in-game and social skills.


    I am interested. I am from Germany.
    I dont play only support but my main role is like DPS & Support.
    I am coming from the CSGO esport Community and I am searching for an Overwatch Team aiming on esport and semiprofessionell plays.
    Zyrix#21793 (I added u)

    by Zyrix#21793

    i am intrested, im a dutch player and offcourse talk english.
    i main lucio and i can flex in mercy, ana, zenyatta, sombra, offtank and hitscan dps.
    i added you (RtrdedPotato#2590)
    i also have some experience as being a shotcaller and targetcaller.

    by RtrdedPotato#2590

    Contact Tijmennofzo#1944 now

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