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Looking for people to join

pc - English (UK) by XTxW1llxTX#2361
Posted on 13 May 2017

Server: Europe

We are a small group of people that play overwatch we are looking to start going into competitive very soon but we need more people. so we are preferable looking for people who are nearly lvl 25 or have not started comp yet, or have done a bit. we need some one who is a good defence or another support and a tank. you must be able to speak English and 15+.

our discord
add me on Fusion#21866


    Sure, hit me up. #21845 Scrubfest

    by Scrubfest

    Hey my battletag is Wackzanoodle#1713 I was wanting to join your team. Thank you.

    by Wackzanoodle#1713

    add me: letsnot#2885

    by #2885

    Just over level 20 - eels #21495

    by eels #21495

    Well im kinda silver and above lvl 100 but i would like to join ur team ^^

    by JibrilSenpai#2818

    Contact XTxW1llxTX#2361 now

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