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Looking for Non-Toxic Players!

pc - by JTClaws#1747
Posted on 12 Jun 2018


The Angels of Death clan is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork and community. AOD was formed over 16 years ago and now has over 3200 active members across 16+ various titles and have a rapidly growing community in Overwatch!

We're recruiting competitive and casual gamers alike, regardless of rank, with the idea of creating a fun and engaging environment for everyone to enjoy. Whether you're an veteran or brand new, you'll find AOD is a great place to game with like minded people. With over 280 people signed up and playing Overwatch, there is always someone on to group up with :D

- - - What to expect from AOD - - -
A mature group of team players who like to have fun.
Fair play; zero tolerance for cheaters.
Friendly members. Need help? Just ask.
A dedicated TeamSpeak 3 server.
Organized events.
Quarterly 6v6 ESL Tournaments with professional casters
Competitive Scrim Team

- - - Requirements to join AOD - - -
Be 16 years of age or older
A working microphone
Teamspeak 3

If you're interested and want to join then please head to www.ClanAOD.net and apply today! Click "Apply here" and submit an application under "Blizzard Universe" or go to the following link for the application -> http://www.clanaod.net/forums/forms.php?do=form&fid=54


    Im up for it

    by Skozaa#2786

    I'll make sure to send you a friend request then! :D

    by JTClaws#1747

    i would love to join

    by LIAM#12845

    I'm up for it

    by Yonko#21902

    teamspeak is GAY (no discuss)

    by tapochek20#21815

    Contact JTClaws#1747 now

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