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Looking for Non-Toxic Players for casual & comp!

pc - by JTClaws#1747
Posted on 28 Feb 2019


Looking for a relaxed, non-toxic community to simply enjoy games in? Maybe play a bit of competitive with coaching from GMs? Then I might just have the place for you!

The Angels of Death clan is a group of mature, dedicated players who value teamwork just as highly as a shared feeling of community. We were formed over 16 years ago and have over 3000 active members spread across 15+ titles!

We are formed of both casual and competitive gamers alike, regardless of rank, with the idea of creating a fun, non-toxic environment for everyone to enjoy. We currently have over 230 members playing Overwatch so you'll always be able to find a friend to play with! :)

- - - AOD Policy - - -
- Maintain maturity as a non-toxic group that just wants to have fun
- Fair play; members have zero tolerance for cheaters.
- Friendly members. Ever need help? Looking to learn? Just ask!
- Free coaching and VOD Reviews from GMs
- Quarterly 6v6 ESL Tournaments with professional casters

- - - Requirements to join AOD - - -
- Be 16 years of age or older
- Have a working microphone
- Willing to use Teamspeak 3

If you're interested then head over to our Home Page and send us an application under "Blizzard Universe"!
Hope to see you soon!


    Im up for it

    by Skozaa#2786

    I'll make sure to send you a friend request then! :D

    by JTClaws#1747

    i would love to join

    by LIAM#12845

    I'm up for it

    by Yonko#21902

    teamspeak is GAY (no discuss)

    by tapochek20#21815

    Contact JTClaws#1747 now

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