pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord

LG Main support Mid dia

pc - USA by Ike#1927
Posted on 12 Jun 2019

Server: America

[LFP] [NA] [PC]
- We are a mid diamond team under the Aegis Network
- We are looking for a **Lucio/Mercy** player, with plenty of hours on each, and must have **peaked at least 3300** before
- It is preferred that you are **currently at least 3.2k**, however it is flexible of course
- It is preferred that you have some form of **ult tracking experience** before, as you will be our **primary ult tracker**, if you join the team.
- It is required that you play often, and can commit both to GGNA times (**Friday @ 8 est and Saturday @ 2 est**) as well as are able to play multiple times weekly, -
and scrim often with the rest of our team.
- We have several coaches that you can work with if you so choose, managers and captains, and several other teams, all under our org, if you decide to join us
- We are a committed roster, with most of our members playing daily, and we work hard to get better at the game
- Message me if you are interested in joining our team, we will be conducting tryouts soon