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Server: America

Looking to build a team who can play competitive games on the weekends or Fridays. Must not tilt often and be able to listen to calls as I usually take the role of shot caller in my solo queue games, but I don't mind stepping back to let others have that if need be.

Heroes I am able to play-

Supports: Mercy, Ana, Lucio, Zen
Tanks: Rein,, Winston
DPS: Sombra, Bastion, McCree, Soldier, Junkrat, Hanzo

Played since the Halloween event and play often. Players should be free either Friday from morning to afternoon for a few hours practice a week or should be practicing whenever they can with their teammates. I have university on Monday-Thursday and cannot play on those days, but that doesn't mean you can't.


    Hey mate, I'm definitely interested.
    My battle tag is Snaekie#11401
    I'll add you in game.

    by Snaekie#11401

    Contact Amaterasu#11225 now

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