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BATTLETAG: Nadiirus#1860

LF 2 more for 3k team

pc - USA by Nadiirus#1860
Posted on 13 Jun 2018

Server: America

Hey there,
We are a group of friends who consistently play comp together and are looking to start up a six man team to queue together and improve our team play. We are looking for 2 more people to join us so that we can form a solid six man team to build synergy. Be willing to take constructive criticism to improve and have a positive and fun attitude during queue sessions. If the group works out well we would be interested in trying to join some amateur tournaments but for now are just looking to help each other improve and have fun in a team setting.
Our current roster is a support main (zen, lucio, moira, and mercy), a flex/off-tank player (zarya, dva, brigitte, hanzo), a main tank player (rein, orisa, roadhog, winston) and a dps main (pharah, genji, soldier, rein, orisa)
The roles we are currently looking to fill is a second support, and a hitscan dps player/flex or an off tank player.
We generally play in the evenings around 8-11 PST so make sure this schedule would work for you.
Please be aware that it may take multiple sessions to start building synergy as a team and work out any basic issues.
Send me an email if you are interested or want more information at nadiirusow@gmail.com or add my btag Nadiirus#1860
Thanks for reading!


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