Just trying to find people who just wants to play from time to time.

pc - Austria by #21320
Posted on 30 Nov 2017

Server: Europe

Just looking for a team or a player who just wants to play for fun. Usually ON at 21:00 (MEZ) every monday.

I'm adaptable to any characters base on the match.

Discord: Heartless_shadow#8809


    My two accounts are EsterPickle#1174 and CosmicPulse#11859.

    I currently do not work; I play overwatch instead, lol.
    i have 280 hrs and also would just like good company to play with- I do not wish to play with toxic people to get tilted easily and blame others for losses. Rather, lets keep a good attitude and pull off an upset, one good team kill away.

    by ESTERPICKLE#1174

    Contact #21320 now

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