pc Division: silver Language: Using TS

Hitscan/support high demand(silver/bronze)

pc - USA by Hexmeta
Posted on 16 May 2019

Server: America

I am part of a TeamSpeak based division team,
(but also branch off to other teams of all ranks)
We host competitive practices 3 times a week based on the availability of the members,
Events are regularly being hosted like QP, Comp, practices, PUGs, scrims. customs and open division competitions
So there is always something to do!
There are plenty of offers and opportunities for newcomers to gain knowledge and improve, We want to make sure
that you have all the resources you need to rank up and improve in total performance.

You will not have to worry about trying to find someone to group up with, because there is always players having a great time waiting to play with you,

DM or email me from the right with any questions and steps to join now! Requirements (TeamSpeak) ^^