GM Team LF Main Tank (Winston/Reinhardt) Player

pc - USA by Dingkey#11139
Posted on 08 Oct 2018

Server: America

My name is RadVonSwag and I manage and play on a GM-level team. All of the players on our team are dedicated to practicing and improving, and we all have ambitions to play in higher level competitive settings (Contenders, OWL). Currently, we scrim Sun-Thurs 9:00pm - 11:00pm EST. We're looking for a 3.9k MINIMUM, primarily Winston player who is also proficient on the other main tank characters e.g. Reinhardt, Orisa.
Contact me at Dingkey#5631 *on Discord* if interested.


    I sent you a discord friend request i can talk in like 20 mins

    by walrus#11529

    Contact Dingkey#11139 now

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