pc Division: gold Using TS

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pc - by Valkyrie
Posted on 07 Mar 2019

Server: Europe

We support many games so you just gotta ask me if you have any questions!
We are a strong group of skilled players looking for new members.
We're a big clan with 2000+ members, sponsored and teamspeak based ;)
You will be placed in one of our many skilled and powerful rosters depending on your skill rating and role/hero/class played.

Schedule is based upon member availability and is therefore flexible :)

-You must be 13 or older, this is non negotiable
-You must be able to speak understandable English
-You must have the necessary drive to become better and improve as a player and person
-Functional microphone

We are currently looking for:
Any players wishing to join us must be able to sustain the social atmosphere, meet our requirements and be a positive asset to the rest of the team
Message me for details
Blizzard: Valkyie686#2131 EU
Discord: Valkyrie#3066