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Gaming Clan with 1500+ members recruting

pc - by JokerJake94
Posted on 14 Sep 2018

Server: Europe

I am part of a multi-game clan which currently has over 1500 members, sponsored by Twitch and has teams in the Overwatch Open Division. I currently am a member of a casual Overwatch team, therefore whether you are looking for a serious team to scrim with other teams and get better, or whether you are looking for some casual fun, you will find both with us.

[B]The Benefits Of Joining[/B]
Competitive Rosters - We have competitive rosters with weekly scrims of varying ranks, from GM teams to Gold Teams. Some of these teams currently compete in the Open Division.
Coaching - We have a coaching system where you can request a coach for a specific role.
Twitch - We operate a streaming channel, sponsored by Twitch and members can stream to get extra publicity. Clan tournaments also get streamed on the channel.
Plenty of events - If you are a casual player we host plenty of events throughout the day. As we have both EU and NA divisions we have events being hosted throughout the day.
Friendly Community - Whatever time of day, event or no you should be able to group up with other players.

We do have a few requirements, to ensure everyone remains active in the community and helps it thrive.

Be on Teamspeak - We use a TS server as it is easier to use and organise with a clan of this size. You will need Teamspeak and to be on the server if you are online.
No Multi-clanning - You cannot be a member of another clan while you are a member.
Activity requirements - You are required to earn 40 "rep" as an initiate, then 25 when you are a full member. If you are active in the community and partake in events you will hit these requirements easily.

While there are some requirements for being a member, the benefits of being part of the clan are worth it, whether you are trying to get into a team to compete in the Open Division, or just want to mess about in some custom games, We have something for you.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Battle.net - JokerJake94#2937
Discord - JokerJake94#8042


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